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Halquist Stone Landmark


Halquist Stone Landmark is a part of Castlestone collection is one of the most beautiful collections of natural stone available. This is a selection of stones that are set in a random ashlar pattern dominanted with taller or blocky pieces. The blends may consist of bedface, splitface or hand-rockfaced pieces. As the name suggests, you will attain a regal look either rugged or formal however your installation is done.


  • Heights- 2 1/4″, 5″, 7 3/4″ AND OPTIONAL 10 1/2
  • Lengths- 8″ TO 36″
  • Color Tones- CREAMY BUFF, WHITE


All natural stone can vary in shade and color from batch to batch, so it is always recommended to buy your stone all at once from the same batch. We do ask for flexibility in this area since we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Displays online or in our showroom can also vary from the material that will show up at your home. It’s always smart to coordinate with your contractor first and approve material before it gets installed!


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