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Fantastic Royal Bamboo Plank


The Fantastic Royal Bamboo Plank collection has beautiful creamy tones where no two tiles are alike while keeping a homogenous look. Being a natural material, common sense suggests that complete uniformity can’t be expected, however the stones in this collection defy expectations.The luxurious Fantastic Royal Collection as is namesake suggests is suited for royalty, reminding us of palaces and places of grandeur. The Fantastic Royal has a light cream base with small irregular veins and predominantly cream patches. Its shades make this elegant surface more refined and interesting.

The Fantastic Royal marble is one of the most desirable materials out there, it’s after all a natural stone, which makes it a work of art created by the earth itself. This natural marble from the quarries of Turkey is versatile and sophisticated enough to be used in interior decor and hardy enough for exterior spaces. Other advantages of marble are the natural and earthy appearance and insulation from weather and noise.


  • Type: VENEER
  • Size: 6″ X 24″
  • Finish: Multiface / 3D Honed & Splitface
  • Application Areas: Interior & Exterior Wall


All natural stone can vary in shade and color from batch to batch, so it is always recommended to buy your stone from the same batch. We do ask for flexibility in this area since we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Displays online or in our showroom can also vary from the material that will show up at your home. It’s always smart to coordinate with your contractor first and approve material before it gets installed!






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