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Petara Leathered Marble Coping


The Petara Leathered Marble Coping stands out for its high-end modern style and luxurious looks. The cool tones of this natural stone bring to mind tranquility and a sense of durability. The creamy beige tones that run through this stone reminds you of a exotic beach paradise. As a natural stone it matches well with a variety of styles, for modern to minimalistic or even rustic. The Petara Leathered Marble Coping are a lovely leather finish for use outside. This makes it possible to create a homogenous design from inside to out.


  • Color: Petara
  • Material: Marble
  • Finish: Leathered
  • Edge Detail: Bullnose (On one side) or Straight Edge
  • Product Thickness: 3cm & 5cm 
  • Recommended Use: Pool/Spa Coping, Countertops, Fireplace Hearth, etc.


  • 12″x12″ Bullnose Coping in Stock
  • 12″x24″ Bullnose Coping in Stock
  • 16″x24″ Can be used as coping. Comes in straight edge only.

We can also do custom fabrication! Call our office at (704) 588-5861


All natural stone can vary in shade and color from batch to batch, so it is always recommended to buy your stone from the same batch. We do ask for flexibility in this area since we are at the mercy of Mother Nature. Displays online or in our showroom can also vary from the material that will show up at your home. It’s always smart to coordinate with your contractor first and approve material before it gets installed!



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