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Consultation and Design
Designers, builders and homeowners alike find that our showroom and product choices make it easier to make the right selection for their projects.

We offer true value by saving our clients time and money  We consider ourselves a low cost leader, while making the selection enjoyable with our diverse product line.

Our staff is professional, informative and efficient. We guarantee a good experience.

Estimating & Budget

We understand the importance of a budget.  Pre-planning is the key to a successful project and that’s where we can help you stay on track.

We are happy to go over your plans with you and provide up front material cost estimates.  We can also assist you in locating a contractor through our Contractor Referral program.   That way, you’ll be able to budget for your material and labor.

Our estimating services are free to all!   We strive to earn your business on your first visit.

Getting started with a free consultation is just a click away.  Introduce yourself with an email to

Color Matching
Stucco is a huge part of our business.  Our expert staff can match just about any color.

Clients often bring us a very specific color request.   We match siding colors, roof shingles, window frames and more.   Bring in anything you need matched.  We’re up to the challenge.

We know how important color matching is, especially when coordinating multiple architectural details.   Please give us a couple of days for special color matches.

We provide free color samples anytime.


101 Building Supply delivers to the job site using professional and courteous drivers who boast an excellet safety record.

Our delivery equipment can handle up to 12 tons of material.   We have a camel-back fork-lift that mounts to the back of the truck.  We’ll be sure to put the material precisely where you need it on the job site.


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